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Supervision & Consultancy
Supervision & Consultancy 10th July 2020 

I am able to offer Supervision and Consultancy to individuals, teams and organisations in the NHS, Prison, Social Services, the Voluntary Sector, Education and the Media.

The Supervision and Consultancy work can address the needs of a particular client or institution. I am able to help in the NHS, Social Services, Prisons, Probation the Criminal Justice System and the Voluntary Sector in the understanding, treatment and management of very difficult patients or institutional dilemas.

I have worked extensively as a Psychological expert in Television providing Psychological Assessments and ongoing Psychological insight, support and management to TV Productions. More recently I have been able to help in the development of major Film productions.

Price and terms and conditions for Supervision and Consultancy are available on application to me in North London N7. Tel 0207 700 5685 or 07837 61 3339 or e.mail [email protected]

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